Episode 9: The Microchurch Movement with Melissa Corkum

Episode 9 · October 3rd, 2018 · 26 mins 55 secs

About this Episode

As the institutional church struggles to attract new people into established systems, systems that many in our day and age are skeptical of, an exciting movement is underfoot. The microchurch movement, which is taking various forms and shapes around the world, is allowing local, organic, highly adaptable church Bodies to form, worship, and serve in environments that integrate all other aspects of their life. Our guest today, Melissa Corkum, explains why.

An Enneagram 1, engineer, entrepreneur, former coffee shop owner, current coach to parents of kids with difficult behavior, and mirochurch leader, Melissa is always looking for ways to make things and people better. Sometimes to the chagrin (and sometimes to the delight) of their 6 children, she and her husband, Patrick, enjoy chasing ideas which are loaded with the promise of adventure and fall squarely outside the proverbial box. The microchurch movement is one such adventure.

After experiencing years of discontent and frustration within the institutional church, she and her husband decided to launch and lead a mirochurch movement over three years ago. Melissa and Patrick have 6 children by both birth and adoption. Their adventures are currently based out of their northern Maryland home.

Melissa writes, coaches, and hosts a podcast at www.thecorkboardonline.com.